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Specializing in inductance coil, electronic transformer and other products

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Shenzhen Tonglikos Electronics Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Tonglikos Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional magnetic component supplier dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of inductive coil, electronic transformer and other products. The company was founded in May 2010. After years of development and technical accumulation, it has now formed a sound product industry chain, including inductive coil involving plug-in and chipClass, with a complete range of products. Be able to provide customers with different inductance and transformer components for reference and selection according to the customer‘s scheme design
  • Professional R&D team
    Professional R&D team
    The R&D team is composed of experienced professional and technical personnel, which has strong independent innovation ability and can meet the different customization needs of customers!
  • Unique production process
    Unique production process
    Relying on rich German industry experience, a unique German production process has been formed to ensure the production quality of products
  • Advanced production equipment
    Advanced production equipment
    The company is equipped with strict production process control process, complete production equipment, testing instruments and perfect after-sales service
  • Perfect service
    Perfect service
    We have a perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system and a professional technical service team to spare no effort to solve customers‘ technical problems

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Provide different inductance and transformer components for customers‘ reference and selection